Tuesday, 18 November 2008


As if to add to the below 'Dilemma', I now have an EMAIL from a member of datingdirect.com, with the subject 'sorry'. I can't read this email without paying. I've no idea what it might say - I winked at her, so she might be jumping the gun and offering a polite rejection or, since she's Dutch, may be apologising that she doesn't speak English.

I don't want you all to think that this dating website is suddenly the NUMBER ONE BIG ISSUE in my life. But it is pretty damn important. Help!


anonymous_user0876 said...

Well if I were you I'd keep my hard earned cash in my purse and turn away from such websites. I notice that you write a lot about breaking down divides and of your longing for a society where your sexuality is of no consequence (boarding the other train etc...). Surely then by paying to gain access to such a 'portal' you would merely be running against this view and subscribing to a closed network; almost as if this were the only way of meeting people similar to yourself. No. Don't part with the £60. Let your charm and good looks sell yourself in 'real life' - even if you wear rollneck jumpers and have short hair! (btw great stories from the classroom).

Well I sincerely hope that this rant has at least made you think twice about paying such an extortionate amount of money; only to find that you have come up against people who, unlike you, still have doubts and fears about their choices in life.

No No No!!!


Rozzie said...

I see what you mean, and I do largely agree with you. I hope you don't think I have no doubts or fears about my choices, though - believe me, I have many.

If I do end up spending the money it'll be a hard-thought decision, but at the moment I'm happy to leave it.

anonymous_user0876 said...

Well very interesting indeed. Sorry, I am horribly drunk, but if it weren't for that I probably wouldn't be speaking to you at all!

You just do what you think is right. Never mind people like me sticking their noses in on your business!