Monday, 1 December 2008

Special powers ...?

If you had a super-power, what would it be?

I think mine would be to remember, word for word, everything that was ever said to me, all the films I've ever watched, everything I've ever read. (It certainly would have helped during Finals!). Either that or to fly. Or to make whoever I chose fall in love with me and save the pointless heartache. Although I think the latter would probably cause more problems than it would solve. As would being able to remember everything verbatim, I suppose - my head would end up stupidly cluttered.

Let's hear from you, folks - what would your power be, and what would be the amazing pros and cons?



Anonymous said...

I'd like to have a power than enables me to point at someone, with intent (no accidental pointing here...), someone I don't like and erase them from existence. Forever.


1. I'd not have to suffer people I dislike anymore.

2. It'd be instant. No having to wait X amount of years for them to go away naturally or die.

3. In some cases, I'd be doing the world a favour.

4. I'd be able to avoid the confrontation of 'sorry, but I really fucking dislike you...'

5. There's no chance of corruption. I'm already an arsehole.

6. No worries about being any lonelier. I'm as lonely as it gets.


1. The population of the world will shrink by 80% overnight. Society would have issues functioning for a while...

2. I could end up losing my temper at some point and not meaning it.

3. Knowing my luck, I'll meet a woman who's just as much of a cunt as I am, engage in weeks of hatred, erase her and then realise we were soul mates.

There are probably more, but there we go.

Steve Purcell said...

I think you've nabbed the best ones there, Roz... Top of my list would be flying (or perhaps being able to defy gravity - similar but slightly different). I'd love to be able to float mid-air and just hover up in the sky somewhere.

It would be great to be able to freeze time, too. Or travel backwards and forwards in time at will. (Although then you'd get into time-travel paradoxes, and that could make things messy...)

Also, how cool would it be to make yourself really, really small? (Honey I Shrunk The Kids style...)